Project /

West Virginia University 

Print Production Designer

West Virginia University (WVU) is an R1 accredited non-profit University, serving a student body of on average 30,000 students across 14 colleges and 359 majors. I worked directly with the School of Public Health, whose focus is providing education and research on public health issues facing the citizens of West Virginia and the Appalachian region.


Print Design

Mailers, Flyers, Folders, Event Banners, Rack Cards

Marketing Materials,

Logo Design

Job Role /

Contract Print Designer, my role when working with WVU School of Public Health was to provide fast, efficient and University approved print materials for their department. By hiring me on as a contract designer, they were able to have brand-approved materials created in a short window of time, allowing them to move forward on urgent projects without waiting for an internal designer to take their projects. My primary focus was creating materials for new student recruitment, including mailers, displays for events, brochures and other general print designs. 

Goals /

My goal when contracting with the School of Public Health was to provide fast and efficient design services that met the University’s brand standards every time. I worked to create high-quality designs, on a tight deadline allowing the school to produce projects in weeks rather than the usual timeline of 6+ months. This meant I could create designs tailored to their upcoming projects, rather than them using the generic materials provided by the University.

Challenges /

In this role I faced the unique challenge of adhering to the University’s incredibly strict brand guidelines, without being in-house and having access to the available support resources for staff designers. This meant I had to pay special attention to the smallest details, and have every project approved by the University before going to print. Some of these restrictions included the basics like color and type, but also included specifics like how to color grade photography for use on displays, space around graphic elements, and order of information when including external brands.