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Olfert Research Lab

Brand + Print Production Designer

Olfert Lifestyle Intervention Research Lab - West Virginia University. The Olfert Research Lab is a specialty research lab funded through West Virginia Univerity and specialty academic research grants. The lab specializes in lifestyle intervention research, including research in behavioral interventions to reduce the risk of new and existing disease, including conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes in at-risk populations, particularly those of health disparate regions.


Logo Design

Catalogs, Flyers, Folders, Event Banners, Rack Cards

 Website Banners, PowerPoint Templates,

Styled Excel Sheets,



Lab Space Design,

Book Design

Job Role /

My work with the Olfert Research Lab has been widely varied over the 7 years we have worked together. My focus throughout this time has been to provide any branding, design, and asset creation they have needed. This has grown over the years to include working with the research team to disseminate information into infographics that can be shared across universities and educators and even helping them design their physical workspace where they complete much of their hands-on projects and research. 

Goals /

 My goal when joining Dr Olfert and her team was to provide not only a resource for design but also be a source of creative inspiration, allowing them to stretch the visual boundaries of traditional research. As a group we spent time working together to create unique internal branding that gave their projects and professional but approachable look encouraging more parents and children to take part. We worked together to push the boundaries of how research is presented in the academic world, providing them with design templates and technical skills that pushed them far beyond their colleagues.  

Challenges /

 While working with Dr. Olfert and her team a number of challenges have arisen. While we were exempt from the tight guidelines set by the University, we still faced the challenge of how to incorporate West Virginia University brand standards into projects without losing the unique and vibrant nature of her work and team. It took a little time for us to completely understand how to work with the University for approval, but after a few iterations and adjustments, we found that when done right we had the creative freedom to create almost anything we wanted. Beyond these design challenges, we also faced a larger challenge of how to create long format infographic catalogs, that could be easily and rapidly edited by the research team for upwards of 50 data sets. This was an on-going process over several years and several research studies, that ranged from me teaching the research team how to work in illustrator, to a more refined excel based design that allowed them to iterate quickly using the graphing and charting tools inside the program.