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Global Shaft Drilling Services

Brand, Print, Web Designer

Global Shaft Drilling Servies and Global Heavy are two partner companies serving the International Civil Construction Market,  by providing small and large scale construction support, with Blind Drilled Shafts and Boreholes for all applications as small as six inches in diameter and Lined Shafts reaching over Twelve Feet in diameter. They also provide support Services like cementing to stabilize and seal formations for our projects, as well as Shafts installed by Conventional Means, and Ground Water Control for other construction.


Brand Development

Target Market Research

Website Design + Development

Packaging + Print Design

Trade Show Display Design and Management


Job Role /

My primary role when working with Global was to create a new brand that would set the tone for the two businesses merging into a single larger international business. In addition to creating their new brand I worked hand in hand with them to create all of their physical items, like shirts for staff, stickers of equipment, tradeshow booth materials, giveaway items, their website and photography.

Goals /

My primary goal while working with Global was to create a strong brand that blended both facets of their business. While still being refined and clear enough that could easily be recognized around the globe as the majority of their work at the time was international. 

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Challenges /

In this project, I was faced with some new and unexpected challenges, the largest and most intimidating being the tough and unforgiving nature of engineers in the mining and construction industry. The owners and partners of this company were ridged when it came to getting creative, it took a lot of persistence and hands-on help when it came to big aspects of the project like content writing, but also smaller elements like convincing them, that their marketing materials do in fact need photography. 


Beyond the initial challenges of the sometimes ridged owners, this project was a step in a completely new direction for me as a brand manager. In my time working with Global, I not only created their brand, website, and photography but also created, organized, and managed all of their tradeshow materials. Including going along to conventions to help with their booth set up and ensure all the pieces were working as expected. This included traveling across the country numerous times to different trade shows and conventions, managing set up and teardown off their entire booth, so their staff could focus on meetings and interactions.






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