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Flouwer Co.

Brand Design + Management

Flowuer Co - From Garden to Gathering is a Denver Local Brand that focuses on bring the colorful beauty of nature to gourmet foods. They are a brand and lifestyle brand, born from the desire to bring beauty to all gatherings large or small. Focused on hand-crafted foods, made with high-quality all-natural ingredients Kristen and Tesrea have created unique gourmet food products that are one of a kind. 


Brand Development

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Website Design + Development

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Job Role /

My role while working with Flouwer Co has ranged from brand designer to business coach, photographer to cheerleader. Working with them from the ground up, I have created their complete brand and brand system, their website, packaging, photography, and marketing materials, and provided ongoing support throughout the growth of their brand. 

Goals /

My goal at WVPB was to help bring a single visual voice to an already well-established company. From day it was my goal to provide the creative skills necessary to help everyone create that highest quality project possible. From working with the heads of departments on large-scale updates to individuals on smaller personal projects, my goal was to always provide digital assets that could be used to help share the stories of West Virginia. After 5 years a number of these projects and brand assets can still be seen in use.

Challenges /

The building of Flouwer Co has felt like an uphill battle for all of us. When I joined them and took point on their design, they had just previously worked with another designer which left them wary of their own potential and afraid to spend more money on a new brand. When I came I decided it was best if we went back to basics, throwing out everything that they had previously done. This meant working extra hard to gain their trust, and show that I could create something they loved. Our first meeting was met with tears of frustration from the past designer, 3 weeks later at their brand review I was met with tears of joy from the relief of having a brand that was exactly what they had been dreaming of. This was only the start of the challenges though, as we worked to finish their website, prepare their first product for packaging and sale, a far bigger challenge arose than we could have ever imagined. Covid, shut everything down right as we were getting ready for their official launch, this brought on a new set of challenges that pushed my skills as a designer and brand coach to the test. We immediately had to redirect all of our efforts to launch their online store, and power through to create production systems, build business connections, and complete product design all while the world was shutting down. 

Beyond the challenges of Covid, we have also faced issues with funding, finding the right kitchen for their location, even how to package and ship their incredibly delicate crackers has been a struggle. We have spent time launching test products, writing blogs and recipes, and creating content, and support materials all to keep their brand moving forward.

I think the biggest challenge I have faced while working with Flouwer Co. has been stepping out of my role as designer and brand specialist to become effectively a business coach. I have spent as much time helping them stay on track with product concepts and launches, production infrastructure and workflow as I have spent creating packing, shooting photography, and managing their brand, social media, and marketing along the way.