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An Adventure in Illustration

I think it is important to learn new skills and challenge yourself throughout your education and career, but it isn't always easy to actually pursue this continued skill development. Taking the time to learn and practice, more about illustration has been a chance to learn not only new techniques but refine new skills, try new tools, and even learn a new program. 

Adventures in Illustration has been an ongoing summer project. I have put special focus on researching inspiring Illustrators like Owen Davey, taking online workshops from incredible creators like Tom Froese, and making time to sit down a create illustrations that speak to my inner design voice, and highlight a topic nature in a way that allows me to feel inspired and creatively free.

Goals /

Learn new skills, and refine my own illustration style. The idea behind Adventures in Illustration was born from a desire to learn something new, and create a creative space where I could explore, styles, topics and techniques without the fear or pressure of failure. 

My ultimate goal for learning and refining this new illustration technique is to bring a new level of creativity to my infographics creating pieces that are even more engaging and beautiful than anything I have created before. 

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