Adventurous Branding for Untamable Ideas


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I am Crystal, a Brand Specialist and freelance graphic designer focusing on building brand identities and systems for new businesses. My clients are passionate, adventurous first time business owners, looking for a rich and inspiring brand, paired with hands-on brand support as they build their business. 


As a Professional Multimedia Graphic Designer turned Brand Specialist, with 7 years of experience as an In-House Art Director and Brand manager to Small Business; my work covers mediums from website development and print design to photography and social media management.  

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Freelance Clients

Step Beyond Brand Studio
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Flouwer Co.

Brand Design + Management 
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West Virginia University 

Print Production Designer
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Olfert Research Lab

Brand + Print Production Designer
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West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Art Director + Multimedia Management
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Global Shaft Drilling

Brand, Print + Web Management
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Adventures in Illustration